Cotton Candy

This is the plan.Take my car and hope that I get there in one piece. Meet my friends …and him and hopefully try to have good time. Not that hard when you put it that way. Ariel, Donna, Ed and lil ol me at the carnival. We’ll go on all the rides, try all the crazy food and smile all the time like those kids in the movies. Maybe get some alone time with Ed. Or best not to. He likes cotton candy. Me on the other hand not so much. I’m more of a star gazer. But cotton candy and stargazing does sound nice. Stargazing is not even a kind of food why did I compare it to cotton candy? Anyways let’s not get too worked up on this. Ed seems fine with me. I think he’s having a good time when we hang out. Sometimes I can’t really tell. I wish I could read his mind. But if I read his mind, does that mean that he can read mine? Oh God I hope that doesn’t happen. That would be the absolute worst thing to ever happen. The worst? Yep definitely the worst.

Blue and white top? Unless I want to join the other clowns then why not? OK no. Plain white tee it is. Subtle and casual. And hopefully try not to get any hot dog or ice cream stains on it. Oh who am I kidding of course its going to happen. 20 year old still gets food on her clothes. Yay. Oh God its late. I should get going.

Driving is something I’m still struggling with. Mom says that I have a hang of it but I’m not entirely confident yet. Sometimes it feels like the bigger cars are magnetically attracted to my car and the lane gets too narrow. Oh God please don’t change your lane. OK he did it. Thanks. You do realize that a road is open to public right? Yes I know. I’m just nervous. I’m sorry. OK focus on the road. Turn left after the signal and think before you make a move. Stay calm and don’t panic. If you panic you will mess it up. Just breathe and …Phew.

Oh God that was close. Careful! I say ‘oh God’a lot don’t I? I wonder if Ed notices that.Does it matter? No. Why? I think I’ll be there in another 5 minutes. Made it in one piece so far. That’s good. The video with the baby sloths were so cute. But cuteness is a very effective defense mechanism. Think about it. OK do it later when you’re moving with 2 legs and not 4 wheels. Will I ever get over the fear of ‘might crash into a vehicle’? Lets find out in the next episode of Dare To Drive More than 90 km/hr. OK its not that crowded. Well that was the plan. Get here early and get a parking spot and stroll around until the rest of them arrive. Hopefully Ed first. Stop it . Dear person with the giant pickup truck, please know that if I had 15 dollars to spare, I would buy you a coloring book that’s actually for a  3 year old so you’d know how to stay in the line. I spent weeks to get it right and the fact that you have no morale sicken me. I didn’t mean that. But your parking skills suck.

Doesn’t look like they’re here. The cotton candy stall is right next to the bling bling stall. Whatever that is.Sometimes cotton candy is just too sweet. You know what we need? Cotton candy pop rocks flavor. But it might be way too sweet. If only they didn’t make it too sweet? I need to tell Ed about this.There’s cockroaches in my tummy. People usually say butterflies but I’m 100% sure that these are cockroaches.

After what seems like eternity, Ariel and Donna are finally here. No sign of Ed. Not that I expect him to be on time, just hoped that he would. Shit my phone. 3 missed calls from Ed. I hope he’s alright. He can’t make it due to last minute family plans. Well that was unexpected. Err well the evening must go on shouldn’t it? Come on I’ll still have a good time with Ariel and Donna. That much is certain.

So we did go on all the rides, try all the crazy food and smile all the time like those kids in the movies although it’s awkward in real life when you think about it. The trio had a successfully fun night. Except that the cotton candy didn’t taste right. Made me feel sulky and bummed out. Cotton candy isn’t suppose to do that. Cotton candy is the spirit of the carnival. And carnivals are awesome. But so is Ed. See? This is why people shouldn’t be able to read minds. Except me.

  The night still went on.The stars still shone brightly and were beautiful as ever. Does Ed ever look at the stars? Ariel knows what I’m thinking about. Who I’m thinking about. It’s good that she doesn’t talk much. I got an ice cream stain on my tee. Whoops. Never had a cotton candy stain before. Or maybe I did. I don’t know. Donna goes on about something I’m not paying attention to. Maybe I’ll listen.




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