The Girl Who Wanted To Do Everything

She woke up on a Saturday morning and by morning I mean 11:30 a.m. She seemed to be in a good mood and went out to look at the sun. The sun always gave her a pleasant nudge in her tummy. But the sun was so beautiful that her pupils couldn’t bear it.

She brushed her teeth and went to her study room. Today she was free and she didn’t owe the world anything. Today was her day off. She wanted to do whatever she pleased. She made a list of the things that she had never tried before. She wanted to learn ballet, play the guitar, go kayaking, swim and learn calligraphy. She also remembered that she has to take the dogs out in the evening. She had 5 hours before she takes the dogs out.

She made a schedule where she would first try to play the guitar for an hour and later learn some ballet from a few YouTube tutorials. She spent about 10 minutes learning the D chord before her phone vibrated. She had 4 messages from Reene. She spent the next hour texting Reene. She wasn’t very social but surrounded herself with people she could vibe with. Reene was her favorite human on this planet.

She was bummed out when she realized that it was now ballet time and she had barely learned anything. She decided to read a book instead.

As she turned the page she started thinking about what she would do after she took the dogs for a walk. She wanted to cook a steak with the help of her Aunt Matilda and learn how to curl her hair for next week’s party. She never took initiative to work on her appearance than what she thought was needed. She realized that she couldn’t grasp the plot so she reread the last two pages.

She went swimming instead. She loved looking at the clouds while her body would float with the wind. It felt surreal sometimes. After awhile the dogs joined. Her dogs was all she had. She couldn’t imagine a world without them. She paddled with her furry friends as the sun kissed the surface of the water. She was pleased but she sensed an inner turmoil when she realized that she didn’t stick to her schedule.

She decided to take a nap instead. The pleasant weather and the soft bed put her conflicted soul to sleep.

It was 7 o clock when she finally woke up. She went to the kitchen and  Aunt Matilda assured her that the maid had taken the dogs out for a walk. She was annoyed with Aunt Matilda for not waking her up but her Aunt insisted that she get a good days rest. She went back to her study room and gazed out of the window. It was dark now. She looked over her neatly planned schedules and thought about how she had wanted this day to go. She checked her phone and texted her friends and watched videos.

At midnight, she let out a sigh and decided to go to bed.

  And just like that, the girl who wanted to do everything was content and asleep. The pieces of paper and ink, however, remembers her as the girl who wanted to do everything but did nothing.


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