The Two Pizza Slices

Two pizza slices stood close to each other.However, one of them seemed to be disturbed.Something had been bothering him for quiet some time.He decided that it would be best if he discussed this with his companion.He said,”Do you worry about what people think of you?”

The other pizza slice blinked at his disturbed friend and replied,”Of course I do.Don’t you?”

“I don’t know.I suppose I do”, he admitted.

The pizza slice decided to ponder on the subject and said, “Does it matter what I think of you?”

The pizza slice was a little uncertain, but decided to be honest to his friend. “Sometimes” he replied.

The other pizza slice was rather upset but showed no expression on his face.He wondered about the times when he was genuinely worried about his only friend.He doubted if he was taken seriously at all.He asked, “When do you take my words seriously?”

The pizza slice was thinking about something else as he replied, “When in fear,doubt or deep and troubling situations. I do value your opinions. Sometimes I even take your word for it.”

“And when you’re experiencing joy?”

“Not really”

“Why not?”

“Because it isn’t essential”

The other pizza slice was now upset. He realized that his friend was incapable of sharing happiness with him. This, he found was surprising but he couldn’t bear watching his friend in this manner.He spoke gently,”When you were successful or finally achieved what was needed, how many people were present to congratulate you or share your victory?”

“Many” replied the distressed pizza slice.

“And how many were present when you feel down and suffered?” questioned the other pizza slice.

“None.Except you”,said the pizza slice. He realized something, something from deep within.

The other pizza slice smiled.He asked his companion one final question.”How is it that you see my presence in the time of pain but refuse to care or spend a fraction of your time for one pat on the back when you celebrate?”

The pizza slice realized that he stood in front of a mirror.


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