A Poem For Your 20th Birthday


Happy birthday you, you’ve made it to twenty

Assholes,stress and crushes, Oh boy will there be plenty

Don’t you worry because we’ll go through it together

The good part about bad things is that they don’t last forever


We all feel like sinking, we’re all still afloat

I can’t promise you if there will ever be a boat

But I know that you’re strong because I’ve seen every bit

All you have to do is believe in it


So what if you’re not perfect, you’re imperfectly real

And I think that’s a beautiful and classy appeal

Wear what you want and say what you feel

Some day you’ll make those demons kneel


With work and college I know that you’ve been stressed

So I write a little something that brings out your best

If anyone writes a better poem for you

I’ll write another one and trust me,

Their poem will be poo

Happy Birthday beautiful.


Image Credits: https://www.pinterest.com/explore/indie-art/


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