Thalia’s life never did go as planned. Then again, who’s did? She lived in various cities, never settled but what bothered her the most was that she never stood up for herself. It’s not that she let bad things happen to her but she was simply okay with everything. She was raised well and knew when to say no. Life just never affected her that much. Or so, she thought.

Calling her a confused girl would be an understatement. She didn’t know what to do for herself. Every time she sought for motivation or inspiration her questions would be why and even if she did achieve what she wanted, what happens next? These two questions stopped her from trying anything. Its not that she never completed work, she just never thought about maximizing her potential. She never had an aim in life.

She thought a lot about why people wanted certain things so badly but she could never quite pin it down to one quality. For her, this was all rocket science.

One of her friends had made a collage consisting of pictures as a baby and pictures taken till today. She wanted to show how she had changed physically and mentally as a person over the course of her life. Thalia wished that she could do the same but from all the moving to different places, she didn’t keep many pictures with her.

That evening she decided to take a shower. Thalia went down to memory lane and thought of the exact moment when she was incredibly upset. She wondered if she could ever change that tiny girl’s life.

Thalia smiled.

She decided that she wanted to be that person who little Thalia could look up to. Little Thalia needed that hope that there was someone who made it despite all the odds. She was sure that she would do whatever it took to make little Thalia happy again. After cherishing the moment, she thought how adorable little Thalia would look when she saw her big green eyes glowing at her with her mouth wide open starring, starring with awe and curiosity.

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