Archie Likes My Personality

She immediately called her best friend and said,


“I can’t wait to tell you about how amazing Archie is!”

“You know the guy that my parents set me up with. We had a lovely dinner.”

“He was very charming and polite and he even mentioned that he’s looking for a beautiful girl with an even more beautiful personality.”

“He seemed a little irritated with the waiter but other than that he was fine. After awhile he even complimented on how pretty I looked today.”

“We really nice conversations!”

“We both agreed that compromising on your dreams are essential to a strong marriage. He later said that it would be best if I finished my education and focus on bringing up a family if we were to be married.”

“He even mentioned that he’d be more than glad to handle my properties and finances. I was a little hesitant but he convinced me that it would keep transparency between us. He’s so matured and practical.”

“Archie is such a sweetheart. He even told me that he likes me because I’m sweet and gentle.”

“It’s unbelievable that we have so much in common.”

“After he dropped me home, he even mentioned that he likes me because of my personality”

“Does he mean my personality as in the real me who was never comfortable enough to show my true nature or  my personality as in the woman who was diplomatic because she didn’t want to stab him? I swear if he wasn’t a close family friend I would’ve walked away from him.”

“Sorry my parents were in the other room and I’m sure that they’re listening to our conversation. They still are and I hope they got the message. Unfortunately this is the only way that they’ll listen to me.”

Disclaimer: I have nothing against house managers and men. Although if you are an Archie then you’re probably an asshole 🙂

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