Southpaws and Pop Psychology

13th August is a wonderful day on the Internet for lefties aka southpaws aka Satan’s evil assistants ( I’m joking… Or not) because content “creators” love giving us the usual pop psychology stats with attractive graphics just so they could provide an amusing yet inaccurate article. I’m a left handed person (obviously) and I’m not saying that you shouldn’t have content about it, but providing your references for those stats would be appreciated. You’re writing about 10% of the world’s population (if 10% is accurate) and content creators should take responsibility for that.

My main concern however is for those southpaws who want to know more about themselves. They search for articles or books to learn more and find out if there’s anything they should be worried about. I’m sure some of you must be thinking that just because you’re a southpaw doesn’t mean you’re special and that certainly doesn’t mean that there’s something wrong with you. OK well suppose if there happens to be a neurological problem that’s correlated with handedness and a southpaw wasn’t diagnosed because you didn’t think it was important, would you be responsible for that? Besides, most of us just want to know why we ended up being left handed. Just curiosity to know the right thing(Geddit?) . Don’t tell me that you wouldn’t be curious to know more about yourself if you were a southpaw.

 I understand that neuroscience is complicated and we’ve come a long way but I don’t think that throwing facts and mixing them up with fiction is the best thing to come up with. Some content creators are the same as that one guy who pretends to know everything even though he clearly has no idea about what he’s talking about. He doesn’t understand that it’s OK to not know things. 

But they do have some things straight, like lefties are utterly annoyed with spiral notebooks. Oh? You’re tired of hearing that? Well you’re probably used to it by now.

And writers, please stop making our egos feel better with the whole lefties are phenomenal and amazing. We are, but we’re also the existential effect of something that could be just completely random.

This article/rant was only to emphasize on the need for content makers to be transparent and accountable. Besides, giving references shouldn’t be that much of a big deal if they’ve done their research. If you disagree with this article/rant then that’s completely OK.

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