I Don’t Want To Do Something That I Hate

“Ugh. I hate my job. I hate the people I work with and I hate the atmosphere of the entire building.”

“Change your job then.”

“You know that I need the money.”

“Do you hate your job because it chose you instead of giving you the opportunity to explore your options? ”

“I guess so, yes. I’m so frustrated and I just don’t want to do something that I hate. ”

“Are you really going to let your stinky job win over you? ”

” What do you mean?”

“Think about it this way. You really hate your job right? Then why would you let it get to you? Think about how stupid your job would feel if it knew that you don’t give a rats ass about it. You job wants you to feel miserable, so why would you give it what it wants the most ? ”

Huh, you’re right.”

Image Credits :  http://s3.amazonaws.com/jobmake/signs-i-need-a-new-job.html



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