“Whats the word for apocalypse but it arrives every month?”

“Although I stand with my opinion that ‘apocalypse’ is still the right word because it’s like facing it for the first time even though you’ve had it pretty much your whole life.”

“Would it kill mother nature to just make our thumbs green if we weren’t pregnant?”

“Is all this drama and war really necessary?”

“And suddenly I wish I was pregnant for nine months so I don’t need to go through 9 apocalypses. However I’m also sure that this will last until the apocalypse is over.”

“Why does hormones make me want love and chocolate?”

“Why can’t I crave productivity and self esteem instead?”

“Why is there no Conjuring movies about the exorcism in my uterus? The world needs to know that this is a serious problem.”

“The world knows. It’s just that its ‘natural’, which it is but I need to wallow in self pity okay that’s why I have a WordPress account.”

“I have an ouchie in my coochie.”

Image Credits:  http://media.indiatimes.in/media/content/2015/Oct/46946ef4227cec935ffaecc4f4a1e1e93c29e77c924af3dc2af5ecaea8ef41d7_1-e1429361775135_1444717822.jpg





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