Daily Prompt: Smoke

She stood there. What else could she do? A still and lifeless being, yet full of life she was but just didn’t know. She swayed with the breeze hoping it would guide her but all she found was more chaos. She never romanticizied chaos, she believed that it was her only friend.The heaviness of her trunk was nothing compared to the heaviness in her two feet. To her, this was just another experiment. But this one could’nt fail nor could it suceed. The only layer between her and death was the smoke from life itself, perhaps it was a way of Mother Nature telling her to reconsider her decision. She had all the time in the world to contemplate her misery but even an act so trivial, in her perspective, seemed useless without incentive. The sky sees everything, she thought, How does the sky unburden itself from seeing everything?

She took a step closer and the smoke welcomed her. It seemed like her repose was a sign of temptation. Temptation to hope that there truly lies peace and tranquility. She had to know if a pittance of hope was worth the wars. She took a step closer.

She got closer.


The smoke was a cunning accomplice indeed, for it gave her the illusion to expect death. Instead, it let her float on water.

This was no happy ending for our girl. Her experiment had turned out to be something bittersweet yet calmly troubling. She decided to let the chaos of the wind take her in the direction it pleased.

Image Credits:  https://brokenlightcollective.files.wordpress.com/2015/12/winterfogresize.jpg?w=547&h=468


Daily Prompt: Smoke


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