Copycat! Kill The Rat! Tell Your Mother To Make You Fat!

I’ve been a watchman for a nursery school for about five years now. Did I mention that you should find this interesting because I’m an alien for outer space? Well now you know. It’s incredible to watch tiny portable dumplings live and interact as if nothing can ever go wrong while the larger and grumpy dumplings interact as if the sky is going to fall.

One of the most peculiar acts by these tiny dumplings is accusing someone of imitating them. They say “Copycat! Kill the rat! Tell your mother to make you fat!” which I must admit, is a rhyming scheme of high standard for nursery kids. But what I fail to understand is why would they kill the rat if it was the cat’s fault? Was the rat his friend? Why was the rat in charge of the cat? As far as my understanding of the animal world goes, cats are usually kept at homes to kill rats. Also, why would the cat’s mother want to make her child fat? Why should the child be fat? Why should the rat pay the price of life and the mother be forced to do something? And all for the price of one cat who copied the actions of another cat?

Humans are strange.

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Daily Prompt: Copycat


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