The Daily Prompt: Fish

I can’t believe she dumped me

She dumped me because her stupid goldfish!

I genuinely don’t think her goldfish died because I forgot to feed it

I’d like to believe that her goldfish died because of the universe

I don’t believe this!

She loves telling me that the universe got us together

The universe wanted us to be this way

The universe is responsible for why I can’t win the lottery and move to the Bahamas

So how in the bloody hell am I responsible for a fucking goldfish?!

That stupid goldfish just had to die on my watch

I should focus on working

“Hey mate, heard that Nina dumped you.”


“Don’t worry I’m sure that there’s plenty of fish in the sea”


Image Credits :–GiYA2O4=/300×200/filters:fixed_height(100,100):origin()/pre05/77b0/th/pre/f/2008/003/7/c/evil_goldfish_by_captainkunai.jpg


Daily Prompt: Fish


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