How Was I Born?

If you’re a parent with a curious toddler, what would be your answer if he/she asked you  about how he/she was born? If your answer is anything like “We thought about having you, so we did”  then don’t do it because that answer is the absolute worse if your toddler took everything literally.  This short story is issued in public interest.

An annoying kid I was, because I didn’t know how to shut up, fortunately, my parents put up with me anyways.One of my one hundred and one questions included “Mom how was I born?” and that was a huge mistake. My mum replied with a semi truth answer( I’d like to believe) that they thought about having me and so I just magically ended up in her tummy. Or at least, that’s how I interpreted this. The thing is, at that point of time, I was fascinated by one of my friends who had a twin sister. I envied them because I had no one to twin with. However, now, as a twenty year old, I’m glad that there isn’t a replica of me because…well, snowflake syndrome.

I started to think about what it would be like if I could give birth to twins? And then instantly panicked about whether or not I’d end up with a bump in my tummy. This toddler took her mum’s words seriously. I suppose you could say that the habit of engaging in stupid shit started at a very young age. This continued for a few months from what I could remember. I distinctly remember about being confused about whether I’d have two bumps in my tummy since I thought about having twins and then internally panicked because I didn’t want two bumps let alone one!

Thankfully I sorta forgot about it, probably because I found some other topic that interested my tiny brain and then sex ed happened. I wasn’t given any formal sex ed but I did learn a lot through reading and YouTube videos ( including everyone’s first sex ed book – The Oxford Dictionary).

But when I think about this incident I realize that I was privileged enough to have access to external resources besides my formal education and there are many who do, but simply do not realize the impact of sex ed. It forms a better society. Think about it,  there are probably millions out there who are stuck with the perspective of sex ed similar to that of a toddler.Damn. Sex ed is VERY important.

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