Old Acquaintances

You came back into my life

Like a happy dog wiggling it’s tail

Wanting to play fetch



Too bad I’m a cat person now




Stop For a Second

The media is no friend of yours

News is a mixture of truth, lies and sensationalism

Be wary of it

But stop for a second

The global community is being challenged

We want to change but don’t know how

We’re frustrated

But stop for a second

Anything can happen and nothing can happen

Soon or soon enough

We’re scared

But stop for a second

Knights don’t run away just because there may be a dragon that could endanger the queen in the future

“She’s … “

They say that you’re supposed to be a pretty piece of art

They say that you shouldn’t “act” smart

They say that you don’t wear a dress and twirl

So do

Tell me more about the definition of a “good girl”


“She has an opinion so she’s just looking for attention”

You think that you’re water when you can’t show my reflection

So don’t

Tell me what you think I can be

I am and always will be the sovereign of my sea

Sense of Belonging

Human beings are social creatures they say

We care, cooperate and compete they say

We care about certain humans to protect ourselves from loving the other humans who may not care for you, a human

We cooperate with certain humans to cooperate with superior humans which usually ends up into an uncooperative chaos by you, a human

We compete with other humans to cease other humans from the same things that weren’t available for you, a human

Human beings are social creatures looking for a sense of belonging they say

Belong to whom?



Poem For The Survivor

I don’t expect you to know what happens under my skin

Nor do I expect you to care

But recognize the fact that you will never understand

Every pigment of my air

I may be clouded

And you might find me a sheeple

But trust me honey when I say

That I put my entirety out

And survived the day

Instead of looking at others misery

Instead of swimming in a fantasy of false pride