LIFE 2.0

Ties and knots are loose on the net

A little boulder will not forget

A new mould is set

This story has no ending yet


The Daily Prompt: Flames

Not all flames burn on the outside

Some burn and burn internally

It’s not a bad thing as long as it doesn’t turn you into ashes

Flames are necessary

They give you a sense of perspective on what you don’t want things to be

It tells you what you need to remove in order to change

Flames are the sign of what change truly is

Its scary, beautiful and powerful

When the flames dim

You’ll realize that you owe nothing to anyone except to the people who truly and I repeat, truly,  want good things for you and most importantly, yourself

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Daily Prompt: Flames


Control Can Control You

Perhaps language is too simple to understand this

But it exists in our spectrum of thoughts and beliefs

If we aren’t in control then what are we doing?

If we aren’t in control then bad things will happen, right?

Maybe not

Maybe that’s exactly what we need

Faith in the probability of random is something we cant get our minds around

But it’s irrational nature does help in rational decision making

After all, we’re just microbial forms in this vast expanse of the universe

Who are we to assert control over everything?

Put Things Into Perspective

Maybe your heart is in the right place

I’m sorry, but your approach doesn’t work for me

It seems like you’re lying

Even though you know that I’m dying

But I also don’t know that it isn’t the end of the world, yet

Call me cynical or skeptical or even the person who happens to be * insert the latest trending*-ical it is to be

I simply can’t relate to you who has his/her life together

I’m sorry that you had to go through the same shit I’m going through

If you’d like to help me

I’d appreciate it if you could help me put things into perspective


Note: My intentions are not to defame any individual but simply highlight the need for a different approach to reach out to people with mental health issues.

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I’m Trying!

I’m trying to make a change you see

But my mind thinks otherwise

She thinks I’m just fooling around

She thinks I’m stupid and unwise

I’m trying! I scream from the bottom of my heart

Then why didn’t you achieve your goal she asks

Things take time and I will get better

She thinks I load myself with too many tasks

Perhaps she’s right I think

Perhaps I’m too hard on myself I say

She thinks I’m too deep inside my own doubt

But I don’t know any other way

I’m trying! I scream to the four pale walls


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Hello Judgemental Uncle

Hello judgemental uncle

Guess you could say

I’m not successful

I don’t live in a mansion, nor am I married to someone who’s good looking

I never topped my class, nor am I good at sports

I’m not loved by many but I can find incredible conversations

I haven’t travelled much but I know that other old people are fascinating

I know that your son earns more than I do and I hope he’s happy with his life

I get it uncle, you bought another house and you’re way richer than my family

But imagine this world that traded for money didn’t exist

And say, there a world out there where you could motivate people, give them the confidence to live and get rid of your insecurities in exchange for survival

Then I know that I’ll survive

But will you?

Or is wealth all that you really are?

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Your Version of Perfect

No I’m not perfect

I don’t have a steady life

I didn’t top my class

I’m not good at singing

And I certainly suck at sports

I hate crowds

And I’m struggling with my feelings

But I know that I’ll work on myself

I’m not an cover girl of a magazine

Nor do I have to confirm to your version of perfect

I’m a mess

But atleast I don’t have to compare to others to feel better about myself

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