How Was I Born?

If you’re a parent with a curious toddler, what would be your answer if he/she asked you  about how he/she was born? If your answer is anything like “We thought about having you, so we did”  then don’t do it because that answer is the absolute worse if your toddler took everything literally.  This short story is issued in public interest.

An annoying kid I was, because I didn’t know how to shut up, fortunately, my parents put up with me anyways.One of my one hundred and one questions included “Mom how was I born?” and that was a huge mistake. My mum replied with a semi truth answer( I’d like to believe) that they thought about having me and so I just magically ended up in her tummy. Or at least, that’s how I interpreted this. The thing is, at that point of time, I was fascinated by one of my friends who had a twin sister. I envied them because I had no one to twin with. However, now, as a twenty year old, I’m glad that there isn’t a replica of me because…well, snowflake syndrome.

I started to think about what it would be like if I could give birth to twins? And then instantly panicked about whether or not I’d end up with a bump in my tummy. This toddler took her mum’s words seriously. I suppose you could say that the habit of engaging in stupid shit started at a very young age. This continued for a few months from what I could remember. I distinctly remember about being confused about whether I’d have two bumps in my tummy since I thought about having twins and then internally panicked because I didn’t want two bumps let alone one!

Thankfully I sorta forgot about it, probably because I found some other topic that interested my tiny brain and then sex ed happened. I wasn’t given any formal sex ed but I did learn a lot through reading and YouTube videos ( including everyone’s first sex ed book – The Oxford Dictionary).

But when I think about this incident I realize that I was privileged enough to have access to external resources besides my formal education and there are many who do, but simply do not realize the impact of sex ed. It forms a better society. Think about it,  there are probably millions out there who are stuck with the perspective of sex ed similar to that of a toddler.Damn. Sex ed is VERY important.

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Daily Prompt: Bridge

She faced the north and he faced the south, the only thing in between them was a bridge. All they had to do was stand up and meet each other halfway. Or at least, that’s what she hoped for. Suddenly, time stopped and everything was static.

I don’t think this is what I’m looking for, she thought. She yearned to have a relationship with someone she could be herself with, someone who would put as much as effort into her as she would do to him. Was this bridge worth it? It looked stable on the outside but she could see beyond it.

No bridge is perfect, she thought. One needs to work on it, improve it and see what works and what doesn’t, that’s how things work, right? The need to get to the other side still remains even if the bridge is destroyed, right? But what if there is no other side?

A bridge could be repaired and made useful no matter what, except for one thing. She realized that this bridge would only survive if the other end was secured as well.

She stood up. She ran.

Time continued it’s journey.

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Daily Prompt: Bridge

Daily Prompt: Smoke

She stood there. What else could she do? A still and lifeless being, yet full of life she was but just didn’t know. She swayed with the breeze hoping it would guide her but all she found was more chaos. She never romanticizied chaos, she believed that it was her only friend.The heaviness of her trunk was nothing compared to the heaviness in her two feet. To her, this was just another experiment. But this one could’nt fail nor could it suceed. The only layer between her and death was the smoke from life itself, perhaps it was a way of Mother Nature telling her to reconsider her decision. She had all the time in the world to contemplate her misery but even an act so trivial, in her perspective, seemed useless without incentive. The sky sees everything, she thought, How does the sky unburden itself from seeing everything?

She took a step closer and the smoke welcomed her. It seemed like her repose was a sign of temptation. Temptation to hope that there truly lies peace and tranquility. She had to know if a pittance of hope was worth the wars. She took a step closer.

She got closer.


The smoke was a cunning accomplice indeed, for it gave her the illusion to expect death. Instead, it let her float on water.

This was no happy ending for our girl. Her experiment had turned out to be something bittersweet yet calmly troubling. She decided to let the chaos of the wind take her in the direction it pleased.

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Daily Prompt: Smoke


Thalia’s life never did go as planned. Then again, who’s did? She lived in various cities, never settled but what bothered her the most was that she never stood up for herself. It’s not that she let bad things happen to her but she was simply okay with everything. She was raised well and knew when to say no. Life just never affected her that much. Or so, she thought.

Calling her a confused girl would be an understatement. She didn’t know what to do for herself. Every time she sought for motivation or inspiration her questions would be why and even if she did achieve what she wanted, what happens next? These two questions stopped her from trying anything. Its not that she never completed work, she just never thought about maximizing her potential. She never had an aim in life.

She thought a lot about why people wanted certain things so badly but she could never quite pin it down to one quality. For her, this was all rocket science.

One of her friends had made a collage consisting of pictures as a baby and pictures taken till today. She wanted to show how she had changed physically and mentally as a person over the course of her life. Thalia wished that she could do the same but from all the moving to different places, she didn’t keep many pictures with her.

That evening she decided to take a shower. Thalia went down to memory lane and thought of the exact moment when she was incredibly upset. She wondered if she could ever change that tiny girl’s life.

Thalia smiled.

She decided that she wanted to be that person who little Thalia could look up to. Little Thalia needed that hope that there was someone who made it despite all the odds. She was sure that she would do whatever it took to make little Thalia happy again. After cherishing the moment, she thought how adorable little Thalia would look when she saw her big green eyes glowing at her with her mouth wide open starring, starring with awe and curiosity.

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“I feel therefore I am”, I say .

Capitalism laughs at a distance.

“Of course! Of course! We have a special range of a selected option of feelings just for you! We want you to feel special!”, says the marketing department .

“I think they are reasonable” says the ego.

“It says 8 dollars for 2 separate things but 6.9 dollars if you choose from their deal!” says reason. Or at least what I think reason is.

“But I have enough” says content.

“But you don’t have this option. Plus, look at the price dearie!” exclaims temptation.

I chose the deal.

Yet another transaction went smoothly for the marketing department.

Capitalism is pleased.

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He felt lonely and secluded despite being surrounded by people he cared for. He didn’t know why he felt this way, all he did know was the pain and the numbness that his chest carried. Sometimes he felt nothing and sometimes he just burst out when no one was around. His world made no sense to him.

He would browse the net in search for answers. Most people on the Internet were trying to be helpful. Despite asking himself millions of questions nothing quiet struck him as the root cause of his problem.

He spoke to his family but they didn’t quiet understand what he was trying to say. They thought that their son was just upset. Little did they know that he’d rather be upset, rather feel anything other than pain and numbness.

Classical music was his only true friend. His only friend that made everything bearable. He didn’t know what to do. Everytime he thought about doing something his brain would just go blank.

He cried just like any other night. Most kids would just be on their phones or watch TV before they sleep.

The next day was different. He figured that the reason he couldn’t relate to other ideas to help him cope was because whatever was happening to him,came from within. This wasn’t an objective test. This was his experiences, his life choices, this was his internal bleeding. He realised that he had to observe himself to atleast have a starting point.

He wasn’t a fan of mint candy but it always made him feel good after he cried. He liked the feeling of having Antarctica on your tongue for a few seconds. It also made him aware of his surroundings.

Since that day, whenever he felt that the pain was unbearable he’d have one mint pellet. He’d keep track of the number of pellets he had and kept record of it on an online journal. He’d compare the days and try to figure out why some days were better and some days were not.

He wasn’t completely diagnosed but he found himself a starting point to understand himself.

Most people who suffer from depression can’t figure out where to start. Some take years whereas some never find out.

(Disclaimer: this was a short story written based on personal experiences and opinions)

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The whole school talked about the fight between Danny and Jay. Danny was a boxer but never fought someone outside the ring. Most of the guys in school would intentionally irritate him but he never bothered. Today was different because Nico was involved. Jay wouldn’t stop pestering Nico and she felt uncomfortable. Nico was fierce but was also rather patient. She preferred ignoring him than to create an issue. Danny on the other hand felt protective of her and decided to make her life easier.

Nico and Danny have been best friends since kindergarten and thought they argue all the time, they had this unspoken sense of loyalty to each other. They were everyone’s favorite low key couple or as Amanda would say “I ship them so hard”.

As usual they met after school and walked home together. Danny said, ” You’re not happy about what happened are you?”

Nico didn’t want to talk about it. She was irritated, “You think?”

“I’m not sorry. How long were you going to put up with …that”

“We’re in high school he would’ve bitched about me for a week and later pester some other girl”

“You’re not angry because I fought him for you, it’s because everyone’s attention is on you.”

“You’re absolutely right and to some extent, I think that deep down you wanted me to be the centre of attention”

“I’m not going to deny that”

Silence never bothered them so they walked without saying anything until they reached Nico’s house. Nico turned around and said, “You’ll do anything to satisfy your boredom and I will see you tomorrow”.

“Bye bye”, said Danny.

The next day people still talked about Nico and Danny. The same stories circulated about how Nico and Danny think dating is stupid but they have no idea on what they’re missing or how Nico is jealous that Danny has his shit together and she doesn’t and the most popular one was how Nico was using Danny as a toy. Both of them were aware of what people said but they never talked about it. Nico knew that she wasn’t friendly and rarely smiled but she preferred things that way. She wasn’t all that angry with Danny anymore and admitted that the fight was somewhat entertaining. She always told herself that high school was just a phase just like everything else.

Danny on the other hand was irritated that they always blamed Nico just because she never stood up for herself. He knew that Nico was fierce if she wanted to be, he’d seen that side before but he also knew how things had been hard on her. Nico’s mother left her to her step-father’s care and she’d been battling anxiety and depression for 5 years. He knows what she’s been through. He never talked about it to Nico unless she opened up to him. Danny was frustrated because they judged her for someone she’s not and they have no idea about what’s really happening.

“Why don’t you just ask her out?” ,said Chad.

“Because I don’t like her” replied Danny. It was expected that his friends were going to talk about it. Sometimes he envied Nico because she never had a lot of friends. The lesser people you know, the lesser their unwanted questions.

“But you knocked a guy for her! You would never do that for anyone!”, exclaimed Chad.

Danny thought about this. Chad was right he’d never hurt anyone if it wasn’t for Nico. Maybe it was time that they talk about this.

After school was over Nico was walking with her friends Amanda and Stacy. They couldn’t stop talking about Danny either.

“I know you’ve heard this a million times before but seriously think about it. He hasn’t dated any other girl and neither have you. Plus, he’s perfect. Why cant you just ask him out?”, said Stacy.

“Why would I want to ask him out?”, said Nico. She tried hard not to laugh when Stacy  called Danny perfect. She knew better than anyone about Danny’s sweet talking skills.

“He cares about you Nico. He looks out for you and he’s never let you down. Sure you guys have problems but you never gave up on each other. You have one life you have to try to get it right”, said Amanda.

Nico was thinking about what Amanda said and suddenly she felt something shift in her stomach she wasn’t sure about what she was feeling. She pretended to listen to what Amanda said but she now realized what was happening. She had to let it out. It has to be now.

After Amanda and Stacy left she found Danny waiting for her. The tinglings in her stomach intensifies as she runs towards him.

“Are you OK?” he asked.

“No”, she replied. She felt like she couldn’t hold it any longer and her heart kept beating.She felt the adrenaline rush through her body.

“OK well I have to go practice so I’ll call you once I’m done. See ya” he said. He ran back inside the building before Nico could say anything.

She left out a sigh and finally released that gush of rotten air. She farted.

Although they’ve been friends for a long time Nico was still insecure about farting around him.




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